Age tends to creep up on us without warning and, before we know it, the signs of aging are visible to both us and the outside world. While our gray hairs may easily be covered with various shades of hair dye, fine lines, dull skin, large pores, wrinkles, age spots, scars, and deeper wrinkles are sure to tell everyone about our actual age. While aging certainly comes with its benefits, it may also damage your confidence and self-esteem as an individual. If your fine lines and wrinkles are too telling of your age, rejuvenate and brighten your skin with Fraxel repair. Fraxel repair is a cosmetic procedure that works to diminish the appearance of sun spots, age spots, fine lines, deep wrinkles, pores, and will also brighten your skin. This procedure works well for any skin type and will make a significant difference in just a few treatments. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure to treat your signs of aging, here are a few ways in which Fraxel skin repair will benefit you. 1) Fraxel repair is completed through a targeted laser treatment that helps to improve your skin’s texture in just 4-6 treatments at about two hours each. If you measure all the time spent applying anti-aging creams each night, the time-saving benefits alone are worth the trouble. 2) If you have skin discoloration that is becoming worse as you age, Fraxel lasers will zap that discoloration away in no time. In fact, Fraxel treatments are proven to show dramatic results about a month after having just a few treatments. 3) Fraxel repair works to eliminate acne scarring, while simultaneously brightening your skin tone. This will help to give you a more fresh, well-rested, and youthful appearance while helping you to stay that way. 4) The Fraxel repair treatment is performed with topical anesthetic, meaning that you will not feel a thing as the lasers work to perfect your skin. Additionally, the recovery time is minimal and you will be able to safely go out in public roughly three days after the procedure has been performed. 5) Fraxel repair treatments work to target specific problem areas and only focus on one section of skin at a time. If you have one specific scar that you are concerned about, this will work beautifully for you. However, you can receive a full-face treatment if that is what you prefer to have done. If you are seeking to treat your skin imperfections, consider Fraxel skin repair to help rejuvenate and brighten your skin. Contact us today at Chevy Chase Plastic Surgery in Bethesda, MD to schedule a consultation.

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