Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

While the aging process impacts us all in a wide variety of different ways, some of the most common forms of facial aging involve increased skin laxity, sagging, drooping, fine lines, and wrinkles. In addition to a wide variety of surgical solutions to life’s most common facial cosmetic concerns, we’re also excited to offer our patients a number of non-surgical treatment options, as well. FaceTite is just one of these solutions.

FaceTite utilizes advanced radiofrequency energy (also referred to as RF energy) to create impressive results by remodeling your tissues and encouraging your body to naturally produce more collagen and elastin, non-surgically rejuvenating your look from the inside out. To learn more about the advanced facial rejuvenation made possible by FaceTite, reach out to our Bethesda, Maryland offices and set up your consultation today.

Led by double board-certified facial plastic surgery specialist Dr. Jennifer Porter, MD, Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery offers you an elevated level of expertise. Our practice has spent the last two decades earning an impressive reputation for incredible results, and we can’t wait to learn more about how we can help you enjoy a more youthful, vibrant look that fills you with life-affirming self-confidence.

Is FaceTite Right for Me?

Here at Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery, we’re excited to offer our patients an impressively wide selection of both surgical and non-surgical methods by which we can address their cosmetic concerns. When you visit our Bethesda, Maryland office for your consultation, a facial specialist will work closely with you to learn about your goals and guide you to the treatment option that’s right for you, your lifestyle, and your cosmetic aspirations.

You’re likely to be a great candidate for facial rejuvenation with FaceTite if you’re interested in:

  • A relatively quick and easy treatment experience
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • Impressive results that truly last
  • A smoother, more youthful look
  • Saying goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enjoying firm, gorgeous skin
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Your Informative Consultation

Visiting our Bethesda, Maryland office for your initial consultation gives us an important opportunity to learn about each other. We’ll take the time to learn about your cosmetic goals and lifestyle before we explain everything you might want to know about the procedures that will benefit you most directly.

We’ll talk you through what you can expect both before and during your procedure, giving you a clear idea of what you’ll experience before you enjoy your results. We’ll talk you through the techniques that will be used and give you an understanding of how long the treatment session will take, so you can plan accordingly.

Depending on the procedure that’s right for you, we’ll also be sure to provide you with a clear set of aftercare instructions and a detailed timeline of what you can expect after your procedure. We’ll also be available to you at all times, as it’s our goal to ensure that you enjoy lasting peace of mind during your journey with us.

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The FaceTite Experience

The FaceTite experience is relatively quick and easy, and the process only requires the placement of very small incisions. These tiny incisions will be made in the treatment area, enabling your practitioner to place a small rod just beneath the surface of your skin. This rod will interact with a treatment wand that sits just above your skin, creating radiofrequency energy that helps to tighten your tissues while also melting away unwanted fat cells.

Once this part of the process has completed its work, unwanted fat cells in the treatment area will have been heated up to the point where they can be quickly and easily removed without harming the healthy tissues nearby. This part of the process is known as radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (or RFAL) and results in a slimmer, more toned appearance in the treatment area. The entire process takes about an hour to complete.

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After Your Treatment Session

Every patient is different, but most find that they need anywhere between three and five days to rest and relax before feeling comfortable to return to their normal routines and activities. You may experience some tenderness and swelling in the treatment area, but these issues will fade rather quickly, leaving you to enjoy the impressive results created by this treatment. Ready to learn more about how FaceTite can help you love the way you look? Reach out to Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery in Bethesda, Maryland and speak with a helpful member of our team to set up your consultation today.

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