Non-surgical cosmetic procedures continue to outpace the growth of cosmetic surgical procedures. Kybella is one of those procedures that is growing in popularity on the non-surgical rejuvenation scene. Part of that growth has been due to the uptick in the numbers of men that are interested in the procedure. Kybella is a non-surgical means of ridding the body of unwanted submental fat. The submental region is that area just below the jawline, where fat can accumulate, and what many refer to as the double chin. Some patients have hereditary changes that lead to less than ideal neck contours. Sometimes these contours are amenable to improvement by reducing the submental fat. Traditionally, this area was treated with liposuction or direct excision during a facelift. With Kybella, the area is injected with the medicine, which “dissolves” the fat.

Why is Kybella a go-to procedure for men?

Kybella is a permanent means of ridding the facial area of fat. In a series of two to four treatments, the fat is melted away and never comes back. In addition to getting rid of the fat, there is some collagen stimulation to help the skin retract and become tauter. The procedure is sometimes combined with other procedures to aid in the definition of the jawline, including skin tightening procedures such as SkinTyte® and non-surgical chin augmentation with fillers. The combined treatment for skin tightening works because both modalities are stimulating collagen in the skin. The initial Kybella treatment can cause quite a bit of neck swelling; a good time for a few days of binge watching Netflix. For those that can grow a quick 5:00 shadow, bearded skin somewhat disguises the swelling. The subsequent treatments are less inflammatory and as such, the duration of the swelling is a little less. The number of treatments needed depends on the amount of fat present. Men like the Kybella treatments because they are non-surgical and yield permanent results. At Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery, we are able to administer the treatments quickly and with minimal pain. We use a cooling technique that we call Kool Kybella, which helps during and after the treatment. All of our treatments are administered by Facial Plastic Surgeons that are very familiar with the neck anatomy so as to avoid complications and achieve optimal outcomes. Schedule your appointment today with Dr. Porter or Dr. Chu to find out if Kool Kybella is the treatment for you.

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