Between the ages of 40 and 80, everybody is likely to experience physical changes that are usually unpleasant and detrimental to appearance like, say, wrinkles. The major culprit is the fact you lose about 80 percent of your natural hyaluronic acid and collagen substances at those ages. Other wrinkle-triggering factors include your skin type, heredity, sun exposure, and smoking. Depending on your personal preference and particular skin condition, you have numerous cosmetic choices against wrinkles: plastic surgery (facelift or brow lift), laser resurfacing, chemical peels, dermabrasion, and yes, botox! Botox cosmetic treatment works by relaxing the facial muscles that produce fine lines around the eyes, frown lines on the forehead, and other types of wrinkles. Approved by the FDA as cosmetic treatment since 2002, botox is administered using fine needle injection fillers, making the process accurate with least discomfort. For over a decade now, botox’s effectiveness and safety have been proven a thousand times over by both male and female patients.

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There is a sort of marketing anomaly, however. Botox is actually a brand (think of Xerox for photocopying machines or Coca-Cola for sadas) and not the name for the entire filler treatments that are used as remedy for wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Aside from botox (which is just one brand), other wrinkle reducer options include Dysport. Since its entry in the US market and FDA approval in 2009, Dysport cosmetic treatment has become a significant alternative to botox. A growing number of patients even prefer altogether dysport over botox  in treating moderate to severe wrinkles, especially those found between the brows. Various clinical studies, although conclusive declaration is yet to be made, have shown that Dysport can take effect faster than Botox. Furthermore, provides greater value because its effect can take much longer before you need another injection treatment. At any rate, some patients feel –with the recommendation of their surgeon – that the combination of botox and dysport is much better and effective. Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter believes in giving options to her patients. Thus, Botox and Dysport cosmetic fillers are all offered and available. The Board Certified Dr. Porter will help you determine the ideal filler treatment against your facial wrinkles. Schedule a consultation now with Dr. Porter by calling us at (301) 652-8191 or by submitting this Email Contact Form. The post Dysport Cosmetic Treatment: Other Anti-Wrinkle Option appeared first on Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery.

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