There are thousands of patients who have come to Dr. Porter seeking correction to the appearance of their ears. The surgery to improve the appearance of the ears, also known as otoplasty, is often sought by unlikely cosmetic surgery patients. For example, an otoplasty is often performed on young children before they enter kindergarten. When not corrected in childhood, adult patients often visit Dr. Porter for assistance in reshaping their ears as well. There are a surprising number of cosmetic improvements that can be made to the ears. One of the most common forms of otoplasty is a procedure that “pins back” ears that are perceived to protrude too far from the head of the patient. Dr. Porter will improve the projection of your ears by making a small incision at the back of your ear and re-working the cartilage naturally found there. However, if you are seeking a more specific repair to your ear, Dr. Porter has many surgical repair options available. She is experienced and highly skilled in otoplasty and can conduct procedures to reduce the overall size of your ears, repair torn or misshapen ear lobes, or change any other cosmetic aspect of your ear shape that you are unsatisfied with. Otoplasty is a quick procedure that only takes and hour or two in the office, depending on how elaborate the sought correction is. Additionally your incisions will always be placed at the back of your ear where they are most hidden from view. The incisions will be placed in the natural creases of your skin and over time the scars will soften beyond view. Don’t spend another day wishing your ears could be shaped differently or worrying about the projection of your child’s ears. Contact Dr. Jennifer Porter today for your otoplasty consultation. The post Cosmetically Improve… My Ears? appeared first on Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery.

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