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Erasing age-related dynamic wrinkles on the face and forehead is easier than you might think. Many individuals need not undergo skin ablation and repositioning in order to erase unwanted signs of aging. BOTOX® is a simple solution to the problem of fine lines, crow's feet, and smile creases that appear when the facial skin is stretched or relaxed. This simple procedure is suitable for all skin types because the skin itself isn't directly treated. BOTOX® is a muscle relaxing agent, and when properly administered, it yields beautiful results with virtually no downtime for the client. You could take years off your appearance after a single treatment session. Consulting with Our Clients Most of our clients in the Washington, DC area who bring us their skin condition concerns are quick to point out the obvious, and the obvious is usually creases and thin lines that are developing around the mouth and eyes, on top of the nose bridge, and on the forehead. These wrinkles generally appear more prominent when the client smiles, pouts, or narrows the eyes. These dynamic wrinkles are caused by thinning skin, a loss of moisture in the skin layers, and a decreased amount of collagen and elastin in the skin tissue, as well as the making of facial expressions over the years. The Procedure When we and the client agree that BOTOX® is a suitable treatment, we can move forward with the treatment, during which the solution is skillfully injected into select facial muscles. These muscles lie just below the skin surface, and they are the muscles responsible for stretching and relaxing the skin surface to create facial expressions. The treatment typically takes just minutes to complete. In the days following the treatment, the upper-level muscles will have partially relaxed, and now the client can smile and frown without having to worry about the appearance of crow's feet and marionette lines. A Younger, Healthier Appearance You could indeed erase those annoying wrinkle lines without the need for surgery or abrasive resurfacing. Contact us today at Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery to book an appointment in Bethesda and find out just how BOTOX® can help smooth these wrinkles away.

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