Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery can resolve a variety of cosmetic concerns related to the ears. Two of the most common are ears that stick out from the side of the face and ears that have damaged lobes.

When the ears stick out from the face, it can create an asymmetrical appearance. Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter conducts otoplasty procedures to reposition the ears, gently pulling them back and in typical alignment with other facial features.

Dr. Porter also performs cosmetic surgery to repair torn earlobes for patients in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. These tears are usually caused by heavy earrings, earrings that were snagged on clothing, or earrings worn during sleep. Patients may have spent years unable to wear accessories because of their injuries, and in a single procedure, they can have the damage repaired with a subtle scar as the only sign of surgery.

The Benefits of Otoplasty and Torn Earlobe Surgery

Otoplasty is a procedure that surgeons often perform for children when they turn age six. This is the stage at which children are physically developed but young enough that they haven’t been exposed to the teasing that people often experience when their ears stick out.

However, many people do not have the surgery at a young age and instead opt to seek treatment later in life. Our Washington, DC-area practice provides otoplasty for women and men who are tired of wearing their hair over their ears, for men who want a different aesthetic identity, and for many others with goals just as personal.

Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter is a double board-certified surgeon that has performed many otoplasty and torn earlobe procedures. Her work allows patients to look the way they want with a single focused and conservative surgery. Signs of procedures are not noticeable, results are predictable, and our patients are typically thrilled to begin wearing earrings again or to have greater confidence in their appearance.

CCFPS and Your Care

You will begin your experience with an initial consultation at our practice. Our team has created a warm and welcoming environment to receive aesthetic care, focused on facial plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment. Dr. Porter can advise you about otoplasty, surgery for a torn earlobe, and other procedures you may wish to explore.

During your visit to our Washington, DC office:

  • You will have extensive time to talk with Dr. Porter about your aesthetic goals and about the surgeries and services CCFPS offers.
  • She will go over your medical history so that the treatment she recommends is in line with your needs.
  • Porter will perform a comprehensive examination. For otoplasty candidates, this will include measuring the ear and its distance from the skull as well as evaluating the structure of the ear.

Patients who are exploring treatment for a torn earlobe may be able to have their procedure on the same day as the consultation. Otoplasty patients can schedule their surgery for a future date. These procedures generally take place on an outpatient basis.

Treatment With Otoplasty

Dr. Porter conducts procedures at the Suburban Outpatient Surgery Center in Bethesda and in Washington, DC at Georgetown University Hospital. During an otoplasty, she will:

  • Make an incision behind the ear just above the crease.
  • Restructure the ear with sutures and recreate the folds of the ear.
  • Use other techniques to decrease the amount that the ear sticks out.

Otoplasty usually takes 1-2 hours. You can expect to wear a head wrap that will protect the incision sites after surgery, and you will likely experience swelling around your ears. We will see you back at CCFPS the next day so that we can change the dressing and, if necessary, remove any surgical drains.

CCFPS will take out sutures one week post-op, and you can expect to return to work and normal activities around this time, though some patients need up to 10 days to recover. We advise patients to take a break from exercising for at least three weeks.

Torn Earlobe Repair

The surgery for a torn earlobe is performed in office and takes approximately one half-hour to an hour depending on how many tears there are. The surgery focuses on creating a natural-looking repair for the tear. Patients return to our office after one week to have their sutures removed. The cost for torn earlobe repair starts at $900.

Otoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the Ideal Age to Undergo an Otoplasty?

    Having the ears grow larger is a natural part of aging, but unfortunately, some people are born with ears that are protruding more than average. In many cases, this can lead to decreased self-esteem and loss of confidence, especially if children are teased about the shape of their ears. For patients in the Washington, DC, area, an otoplasty is a great way to correct protruding ears and restore a more natural appearance.

    Because of the possibility of teasing and bullying for children who have protruding or prominent ears, Dr. Porter recommends having an otoplasty at the age of 6 in order to correct the issue. While it’s possible to correct ears later in life, by that point, the patient might be psychologically and emotionally damaged from the judgment they’ve faced from others. However, it is possible for otoplasty to be performed too early, before the ears have finished developing. For most children in Washington, DC, Dr. Porter recommends thinking about otoplasty around the ages of six to eight. At this point, the ears will have reached maturity and can be manipulated without the risk of them further changing shape.

    During an otoplasty in children, Dr. Porter can work on a number of cosmetic defects, including:

    • Ears that are the wrong size, position, or shape
    • Shell ear, which is when part of the outer rim of the ear is missing
    • Lop ear, which is when the ear tips fold down and forward

    Overall, Dr. Porter’s goal is to create a natural-looking ear that can help children grow up to be confident in their appearance.

  • What Are the Psychological Benefits of an Otoplasty?

    Patients in the Washington, DC, area who are unhappy with the shape, size, or position of their ears can greatly benefit from an otoplasty. The procedure has numerous psychological benefits and can improve a patient’s life in many ways.

    First of all, an otoplasty greatly increases patients’ confidence levels. Previously, they may have felt awkward in social situations because of the fear of being judged for the size of their ears. They may have even shied away from job interviews or other professional opportunities because they felt like their ear issues would be a hindrance to success. Luckily, these issues will all fade away with an otoplasty. Patients will be able to live their lives without always second-guessing what others think about them.

    Another reason many patients have come to Dr. Porter for an otoplasty is because she can fix the ears after an accident or trauma. If a person suffers damage to their earlobe, especially in a traumatic event, seeing themselves in the mirror can remind them of the terrible ordeal they went through. By having their ears repaired, it can help them move forward from the tragedy and get back to their normal lives.

    Most of all, getting an otoplasty will allow patients to be themselves without fear. There will be no more hiding behind hats or long haircuts; instead, patients can rock the pixie cut or ponytail they’ve always dreamed of without hiding in the background thanks to their boosted self-esteem.

If you have a cosmetic concern related to your ears, we invite you to get in touch with CCFPS to learn more about otoplasty and other treatment options. Schedule a consultation online or by calling our office in the Washington, DC area at (301) 200-4153.