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Most people are familiar with or at least have heard about BOTOX®, but many still wonder if this cosmetic skin smoothing treatment is actually beneficial. BOTOX® is unlike other wrinkle treatments because it doesn't treat the skin directly. Instead, it works as a muscle-relaxing agent, and relaxed muscles beneath the facial skin are unable to stretch or pinch the skin. This pinching or relaxing is what causes dynamic wrinkles to appear. The injections basically prevent this from happening. Thin wrinkles and smile lines on the face are usually non-set, meaning they occur only when there is a forced compression in the skin surface. This is why they are called dynamic wrinkles. If you suddenly look older when you smile or frown, BOTOX® may be just the treatment you've been seeking. The benefits are many and include natural-looking results, virtually no side effects, and a more youthful appearance to the facial features.

The Consultation

It's not a good idea to visit any office and demand any sort of skin treatment before discussing the procedure with the person who will be administering it. We want to look closely at our clients' facial features before deciding whether or not this treatment alone will correct the problems. The location and severity of the wrinkling caused by facial muscle contractions helps us determine the suitable injection sites, as well as the dosage. The treatment itself can usually be performed in just minutes.

How BOTOX® Treatments Smooth the Skin

When the BOTOX® fluid is injected into the upper-level facial muscles, it blocks nerve signal transmission to the muscle tissue. The muscles can no longer fully contract. This means that the facial skin in areas where stretching or pinching is normally experienced remains in a relaxed state. The marionette lines and crow's feet near the corners of the eyes and mouth are no longer visible. Small horizontal lines on the forehead can also be smoothed away. The effect lasts for multiple months, after which repeat injections will be necessary. Over time, muscles in the face stay relaxed even without a full dosage of the solution. The sensory nerves that allow us to feel our face aren't affected by the injections, so there's no need to worry about a numbed face.

The Many Benefits of BOTOX®

This popular treatment doesn't require sedation, and it doesn't involve any sort of skin abrasion procedure. This makes it suitable for all skin textures and skin tones. It's the perfect treatment for those who aren't ready to undergo any type of surgical procedure. BOTOX® has a very long history of producing positive, desired results. Get all the information you need to make an informed decision of your own during a consultation with us at Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery in Bethesda, Maryland. Contact us today to schedule your consultation in the Washington, DC area.

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