As you accumulate in more years to your life, you are vulnerable to having loose skin and excess fatty deposits all over your face. If it’s in your genes and worsen by other factors like daily stress, having the mentioned visible signs of ageing can get out of control. It can be a nightmare to have so much sagging in the midface, deep creases around eyelids, or the so-called jowls under the chin. If you are experiencing any of these facial skin troubles, it is right time to assess whether you should have a facelift surgery or rhytidectomy. To assure that the surgical procedure work for you, below are top tips when thinking of having a rhytidectomy: 1. Look Yourself in the Mirror – have a good idea what exactly are your facial skin problems, where they are located, and how you want them to be changed. Your facial concerns may involve drooping eyelids, extra deposits of fatty skin, or fine lines and deep facial folds. 2. Make Yourself Healthy – one of the major considerations that the surgeon will look into before undertaking a procedure is whether or not you are healthy enough to have a surgery. This consideration entails you being healthy medically and mentally. Among other things, you may be asked to stop smoking before and some days after surgery. The surgeon also expects that you are realistic about facelift results. 3. Pick Your Surgeon Well – this means that the surgeon you choose should be highly experienced and ideally a bona fide plastic surgeon who can perform facelift surgeries with remarkable aesthetic results. Dr. Jennifer Porter is a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. For so many times, she has proven her expertise in meeting the aspirations of patients for natural-looking facial skin rejuvenation. 4. Communicate Your Desires Clearly – you should really be straightforward in sharing your aesthetic aspirations to Dr. Porter. On the other hand, she will discuss with you regarding the risks and possibilities that may be encountered once you fully decide to have a Facelift. It is great that to be optimistic about the surgery, but you should temper your enthusiasm with what’s possible based on your present skin condition. 5. Not Over After Surgery – this means that achieving your aesthetic aim with the rhytidectomy procedure does not end after surgery. You should religiously follow the recovery steps to be given by Dr. Porter. There’s no shortcut to it. Bear in mind these tips if you finally decide to undergo a facelift surgery with Dr. Porter. Schedule a consultation with us by calling (301) 652-8191 or submitting this Email Contact Form. The post Top Tips When Having Facelift Surgery Chevy Chase appeared first on Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery.

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