Soon it will be that time again. I call it the special event season. It is the season of weddings, graduations, reunions and general gathering time with family and friends. The time when we want to put our best face forward. There are so many ways to refresh for these events. Whether it is starting a new skin care regimen or getting rid of a little excess skin on your upper eyelids, there are many ways to update your look in a very natural way. What follows is a simple guide to options and the ideal timing needed prior to your event.

6 months to 1 year out

This is the best time to pursue a surgical procedure on the face. While it typically takes a year to see the final result for surgeries such as rhinoplasty (nose job), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and facelift, the bruising and swelling due to surgery are significantly diminished at a month out from surgery. As the months go on there is further refinement and improvement. Patients are typically socially acceptable at two weeks out from surgery. A thorough discussion of your desires and expectations is needed to determine the optimal timing for your surgery. However, slow improvement is seen along the way.

3 – 6 months

This is a great time to start Viora Reaction™ treatments which are typically performed every 2 weeks. Viora Reaction can tighten loose skin almost anywhere on the body. It typically takes 6 to 8 treatments to see a final result – so starting about 3 months prior to the event is ideal. Two of our favorite areas to treat are the eyes and the abdomen. The eye treatment always has that wow factor and the abdomen treatment is great for those with loose skin. Forever Young BBL™ treatments are ideal at this point. They will tighten and tone skin; plain BBL treatments are performed every 2 – 3 weeks and will take approximately 2 – 4 treatments to see improvement. Forever Young BBL treatments are usually performed in one month intervals. These treatments are ideal for treatment of skin of the décolleté, neck, hands and face; anywhere that shows signs of sundamage and aging. For those with acne scars or that want to improve signs of aging, the Time Machine Procedure™ is ideal for tightening skin and improving the appearance of acne scars. Some patients may need more than one treatment, so it is best to start early so that the treatments can be completed in a timely fashion. There is a little downtime with the treatment but the results are worth it. Sculptra® volumization is a great treatment for those with facial volume loss. As we age the fat under the skin of the face is lost in addition to the skin losing its elasticity. Sculptra stimulates the skin to generate collagen and adds volume to the face. Treatments are performed every 6 to 8 weeks and it typically takes 2 to 3 treatments. The result typically lasts 2 years. This is also an ideal time to begin a skin care treatment protocol. A combination of treatments including SkinPen (microneedling), Chemical Peels or microdermabrasion can be planned to get your skin ready for the big day. Add in a PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment for that extra special glow. Never had Botox® and want to try it for the big day – my best recommendation is to give it a trial run 4 months prior to the event to make sure you like it and we can determine the treatment pattern.

1 – 3 months

Fillers (Juvederm®, Restylane®, Radiesse®, and Voluma®) and Botox are ideal at this juncture. The ideal time to have the combination treatment is approximately 6 weeks to 1 month before the event. All fillers look better a few weeks out and it takes about 2 weeks for Botox to become fully operational. It is also not too late to do a few peels and change up your skin care regimen. It will always make for skin that is glowing.

1 month


with PRP helps the skin to glow and can be done a week prior to the event. Have a “date” peel or mask a few days prior to the event. Some of this may be confusing. Don’t take matters into your own hands. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter to discuss your concerns and make an Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) to get everything scheduled in a timely manner. Attend our Special Event Open House for a free consultation and receive VIP discounts on the treatment(s) that works best for you. The post Special Event Season is on the Horizon: Are you ready? appeared first on Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery.

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