Patients born with ear deformities or those who have damaged their ear structure due to an accident need not worry about the effects this will have on their appearance because otoplasty or ear reconstruction can help them achieve a natural ear contour and correct the position of the ear to make it more proportional to the face.  My usual patients for otoplasty are children who were born with this condition, but patients of any age can have this procedure done. I always advise parents to wait until their child turns five before we go ahead and have them undergo an otoplasty because by then the ears would have fully developed.  There are some cases when a child may be born with disfigured ears or ears that may stick out, but as they grow, the ears correct themselves and appear more normal over time.  But if in case it doesn’t, I assure parents that this procedure will surely do the trick. Otoplasty covers three major concerns that patients have with their ears.  If a patient has an underdeveloped pinna or if it non-existent, an ear augmentation will be done.  An otopexy is recommended for patients who require their protruding ears to be pinned back closer to the head.  For patients who have excessively large ears, an ear reduction can be an option to make the ears more proportional. Learn more about otoplasty and how this can help you achieve a new and more beautiful you.  Call us today at (301) 652-8191 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter and her team. The post Otoplasty for Reconstructing Your Ears appeared first on Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery.

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