Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter of Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery understands that each of her patients has a unique cosmetic concern and goal. In order to accommodate a diverse patient base, she offers a wide range of treatment options. She has noticed that patients tend to ask for certain procedures based on their age group. Here, she shares a few examples.


Most young adults in their 20s haven’t yet started to show signs of aging, but have other cosmetic concerns. For example, a young adult may be unhappy with the size or shape of their nose. Rhinoplasty brings the nose into better proportion with the rest of the face and corrects any problematic features (e.g., hump on the nasal bridge, upturned nasal tip). Twenty-somethings may also have scars from acne breakouts in their teenage years. Non-surgical skin care treatments such as the Time Machine Procedure or SkinPen are helpful to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and improve the overall tone and texture of the facial skin.


In their 30s, Dr. Porter’s patients tend to see subtle signs of aging appear around the face. Bothersome forehead lines or crow’s feet can develop and prematurely age a 30-something. Non-surgical wrinkle reducers like Botox and Dysport are great options to stave off the aging process. Treatments like chemical peels and microneedling can improve other skin concerns such as wrinkles, acne scars and sunspots.


Signs of aging deepen in a person’s 40s. Lines and wrinkles become more pronounced and the cheeks may lose volume, giving the facial a fatigued or sallow appearance. Regular dermal filler treatment with Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus smoothes lines and wrinkles, and Juvederm Voluma restores healthy-looking volume to the areas of the face that need it. Other dermal fillers, like Restylane, Perlane, or Radiesse, are designed to add definition to weak facial contours or fill in smile lines and marionette lines around the mouth and chin. 

50s and Older

Most adults in their 50s and older that are unhappy with wrinkles, lines, fat displacement and saggy skin usually require surgical intervention such as facelift or eyelid lift. Facelift will address most signs of aging in the middle to lower face, and eyelid lift tightens the skin on the upper and lower lids. The procedures can be combined for a complete facial makeover. Some in this age range opt for the nonsurgical options as well. Dr. Porter will discuss the full gamut of options that would be appropriate for your concerns.

Considering Cosmetic Enhancement?

Dr. Porter works with patients of all ages that desire a more attractive facial appearance. She is happy to consult with you to identify your specific cosmetic concerns and design a plan of treatment. To schedule a consultation, please call (301) 652-8191 today. The post Most Popular Procedures, According to Age Group appeared first on Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery.

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