If you are like most women, you regularly wear makeup to hide flaws and enhance your favorite facial features. However, the slightest mistakes can sabotage your beautifying efforts and actually work against you. Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter and aesthetician Shana Dahnert of Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery describe some common makeup mistakes that can age you, and offer quick fixes and long-term solutions.

Cake-y Face Makeup

The problem: Face powder settles into fine lines and wrinkles, making them look more noticeable. The quick fix: Use a liquid or cream foundation formula sparingly to spot correct. Gently dab it onto the problematic areas to even out pigmentation problems. A better long-term solution: A non-surgical wrinkle reducing treatment with Dr. Porter can smooth wrinkles and fine lines so makeup applies more evenly. Botox and Dysport are injectable products great for minimizing facial lines, especially those between the eyebrows. Dermal fillers like Restylane and Radiesse are a better option for smoothing larger wrinkles and facial folds (e.g., nasolabial folds between the nose and mouth).

Smeared-Looking Lipstick

The problem: Lipstick bleeds or smears around the mouth, looking clownish, because the border of the lips has softened with age. The quick fix: Line lips with a pencil to create a border to contain the product. Try a liner in a nude shade or a color similar to your lipstick. Then, use a small lipstick brush to dab on a sheer color with a light hand; start at the center of the lips and spread to the corners. Choose neutral shades that are a tad bolder than your natural lip color, and avoid frosty colors, which can look dated. A better long-term solution: Ask Dr. Porter about Restylane Silk, the first product FDA-approved for lip enhancement. The injectable filler adds sexy shape to the lips and smoothes the lines around them.

Wonky Eyeliner

The problem: Crooked or jagged eyeliner makes sagging or crepe-y eyelids look worse. The quick fix: Swap out liquid liner for a creamier, chubbier crayon; this type of product creates a smoky effect that doesn’t have to be precise. Or, use a small brush to carefully apply gel liner; focus on burying the liner within the eyelashes with a back-and-forth motion. A better long-term solution: Avoid tugging the corners of the eyes when applying liner (this creates crinkles in the skin). If your eyelids are already crinkly or saggy, talk to Dr. Porter about blepharoplasty. This procedure corrects sagging upper eyelids, drooping lower eyelids or both to completely rejuvenate the eye area.

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Even a simple non-surgical treatment can have noticeable anti-aging results! To learn more about any of the treatments mentioned, please contact Shana or Dr. Porter by calling (301) 652-8191 today. The post Is Your Makeup Aging You? appeared first on Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery.

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