If you're looking for a long-term solution to some of your age-related aesthetic concerns, then you may want to consider plastic surgery options. Cosmetic surgery tends to produce results that can last for ten or more years, which may be preferable to some patients who are looking for a "one-and-done" treatment. At Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery in Bethesda, MD, we believe a mini facelift is an ideal procedure for those who have moderate skin laxity but who are not interested in a full facelift. A mini facelift focuses on moderate skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles on the mid and lower face, such as in the cheeks or the jawline. A mini lift is a much less invasive procedure than a full facelift and has a shorter recovery time with less chance of scarring. For those who want the benefits of a facelift but may not have severe skin sagging, this procedure can be an ideal option.

How Long Does a Mini Facelift Last?

The results of a mini facelift can last for about 10 years for most people. A decade is about how long it will take for the natural effects of gravity and the skin aging process to catch up. However, 10 years is an estimate of how long results will last and several factors may impact how long you can expect your results to last, such as your genetics, stress, and your skincare. Overall, 10-year long results are exceptional for a plastic surgery procedure, particularly one that uses a minimally invasive technique. Most patients are satisfied with the results of this procedure for the correction of sagging skin on the lower face. After 10 years or whenever visible signs of aging emerge, you may want to have another procedure, such as a second mini lift or a deep plane facelift.

Can You Help Results Last Longer?

Absolutely. While the genetic factors related to our skin aging are largely out of our control, there are some actions we can take to prolong the results of cosmetic procedures. The most important thing is to make healthy lifestyle choices and take good care of your skin. Consistent skincare and health-related practices are key to supporting the proteins in your skin so you can naturally slow the aging process. Some methods you can use to prolong results include: Aesthetic Treatments One of the easiest ways to prolong your results is to think about using other aesthetic treatments. A mini facelift will focus on treating moderate sagging skin on the cheeks and jawline, but you may have other visible signs of aging you would also like to treat. Using other aesthetic treatments, such as neurotoxins, dermal fillers, laser treatments, and facials can resurface, restore, and rejuvenate the skin to encourage higher collagen production that will keep you looking younger for longer. Some patients also consider other cosmetic procedures, such as a brow lift to reduce the appearance of a sagging brow and crow's feet. Removing unwanted fat and sagging skin from the neck can also be a way to help you look younger or achieve other aesthetic goals. Please discuss all of your aging concerns at your consultation so we can help you pick the best treatment and procedures for your concerns. Sun Protection One essential part of enjoying long-lasting results is to protect your skin from damaging sunlight during the day. Sun damage is responsible for the vast majority of visible skin aging, particularly breaking down collagen and creating free radicals in the skin cells that will contribute to sagging skin. By protecting your skin from the sun by wearing SPF 30 or higher, you may be able to slow visible aging caused by sun exposure. Many people are surprised to learn that sunscreen should be worn on cloudy or rainy days, as clouds do not offer protection from UV rays. If you sit near a window on a very sunny day, you should also be sure to wear sunscreen since most windows will not protect against the UV rays that cause visible aging. People who have easily burned skin or sensitive skin may want to wear higher grades of sunscreen. Skincare Finally, your skincare products and your skincare routine are very important to maintain long-lasting results from your facial procedure. Anti-aging skincare products work by resurfacing the skin and promoting collagen production with active ingredients like retinol, certain acids, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. By consistently using anti-aging skincare products after your facelift recovery, you will be taking proactive steps to slow down the natural aging process, which can then help your desired results last longer.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Consider This Procedure?

If a facelift can accomplish the same goals, then why should you think about getting a mini facelift instead? For many patients, the lower risk of scarring from a less invasive procedure is plenty of incentive to use this treatment. But for others, the way their skin is aging and the areas of their face that are affected by the aging process may be the biggest determining factor. For some, the aging process is subtle and will only affect the surface layer of skin on the mid and lower face for several years, while for others, the aging process will affect the connective tissues, layers of fat, and muscles in the face as well, particularly for mature people. If you're only experiencing mild to moderate skin laxity, then you will want to opt for a mini lift rather than a full facelift or a deep plane facelift.

Is There a Best Age for Treatment?

Yes and no. Because everyone ages at different rates and because skin aging can be influenced by skin tone, skin type, and lifestyle choices, there is no exact age when it is best to have this procedure. However, many people who undergo a mini lift are in their 40s, since this is when collagen deterioration will be most obvious. That said, some people in their 50s may also have this procedure if their visible aging in the mid and lower face is still mild to moderate.

How Much Younger Can You Look?

Many patients want to know how much younger they can expect to look after a lift procedure. Since the aging process is different for everyone, it can be hard to estimate how many years you can shake off with this facelift treatment. However, on average, patients can expect to reduce their visible appearance by at least 10 years.

How Does This Procedure Work?

A mini facelift is a much less invasive treatment than other facelift procedures. For this cosmetic surgery, very small incisions will be made in discrete areas of the face, usually around the ear or hairline, to tighten the connective tissue beneath the skin called the SMAS. Sutures will tighten this connective tissue within the sub-dermal layers of the skin, which will then pull the skin taught and reduce skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles on the lower face. This procedure usually only takes a few hours to complete.

What Is Recovery Like?

The recovery period for this procedure is significantly shorter than the recovery associated with a full facelift or a deep plane facelift. Most people will only need a few days to a week to recover from this procedure. After about a week, many patients can go back to work and resume light activities; within two or three weeks of the procedure, many patients can resume all normal activities, including exercise. During your recovery period, you may have a follow-up appointment with your surgeon to check on your healing process. You will also need to follow several instructions during your recovery to promote ideal healing, such as the best way to sleep, when you can use hot water and skincare products, and how to change the dressing on any incision areas.

Correct Moderate Skin Laxity and Wrinkles

The aging process is different for everyone, but most people will start to see signs of skin laxity, wrinkles, and fine lines between the ages of 40 and 50. If your age-related concerns are moderate, then you may not need an invasive procedure to correct your concerns. Instead, a minimally invasive procedure like a mini facelift can be an ideal option that can produce results for at long as 10 years. Contact us at Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery in Bethesda, MD to schedule your consultation today.

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