Laser vein therapy is a treatment that is used to eliminate unhealthy blood vessels from all over the body. It uses pulsed light that passes through the skin and affects the problematic vein. The pulse is only for a fraction of a second, with little to no discomfort. The pigment in the blood absorbs the energy, which in turn damages the wall of the vessel without damaging the nearby tissue. The unwanted vein is safely destroyed and the blood flows through another healthy vein. The damaged vein is reabsorbed by the body and eventually disappears over time. Laser vein therapy is safe for treating sensitive areas such as the nose and cheeks. Some of the issues that can be targeted during laser vein therapy would be superficial veins, spider veins, blood vessels and deep leg veins. There are several benefits of laser vein therapy. Some benefits of laser vein therapy are: There is less discomfort The treatment is quick and the results are long-lasting It can be done on most areas of the body It can treat tiny blood vessels There is little or no downtime after the treatment Laser vein treatment can involve energy that is focused on the problematic vein. The quick pulse of laser light safely destroys the vein wall and coagulates the blood in the vein being treated. The blood is then redirected to a more healthy vein. The damaged vein then safely collapses. This sort of treatment is also more comfortable and has a short recovery time. The treated vein will then gradually be absorbed by your body and disappear with time. During a consultation with our team of medical professionals, your venous issues will be examined and a treatment may be recommended. Before treating spider veins, our specialist will do further investigation to make sure you do not have any veins deeper in your legs. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us today at Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery in Bethesda. We would be happy to discuss the treatment options we have available for laser vein therapy. Our team of medical professionals is at the ready to answer any questions or concerns you have about your venous conditions. Contact us today to learn how laser vein therapy can help you get rid of those unhealthy blood vessels and veins safely and comfortably!

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