Frequently, patients are bothered by small blood vessels that appear on the cheeks and around the nose. Veins near the surface of the skin are called superficial veins. They carry very little blood and are mostly used to facilitate heat transfer away from the body when the body becomes over-heated because of exertion or external conditions. The majority of people have far more superficial veins than they actually need. Not all superficial veins are visible and many, such as the superficial veins on the surface of the hands, are common to everyone. If, however, your superficial veins are overly visible or visible in places that are aesthetically unpleasing a condition known as telangiectasias can occur.

Telangiectasias, commonly referred to as spider veins, is unpleasant. While it is only physically harmful in rare cases, it can certainly damage patients’ confidence and self-esteem. Spider veins can be successfully treated with laser technology. Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter will first identify and map the veins you wish to have treated. Sophisticated computer technology allows the doctor to accurately laser target only the vein you wish to eliminate. The laser energy causes the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessel.

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