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Have you ever had a day when your schedule just opened up? Another appointment cancelled? Wishing you could just drop in to get your Botox®?  We have the solution for you! When that time happens, visit our social media sites to check out our Tox2GO® times.

Tox2GO® is a time period when we open up our office for drop in Botox or Dysport® treatments. All treatments are performed by Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter  in the Washington, D.C.  area with a combined experience of 20 years injecting Botox.

If you are an existing patient

Simply show up during the treatment hours to have your treatment.  Feel free to call to let us know you are coming, but it is not necessary.  We will have you in and out in no time.

If you have never been to our practice

Please call to give us your demographic information to speed the process upon your arrival. There will be forms to fill out and you will have to undergo a history and physical examination with our facial plastic surgeons.  Once you are deemed a candidate for the treatment, the treatment will be performed and you too will be on your way. Tox2GO® hours are for Botox® and Dysport®  treatments only.  If you have other concerns you can schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our surgeons during our regular office hours at our office in the Washington, D.C. area.

What you will receive during your Tox2GO® treatment

    • Exceptional care and treatment by facial plastic surgeons
    • A bit of pineapple to ward off bruising
    • A sweet treat
    • Sweet satisfaction that you were able to use your time wisely

Other aesthetic treatments cannot be performed during the Tox2GO® hours in order to keep the doctors flowing.  You will be able to schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor at the time of your visit.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest dates and times of our upcoming Tox2GO® hours.

For more information on Tox2GO®, contact our office in the Washington, D.C. area at (301) 200-4153.