Even if you exercise regularly, eat well, and follow a healthy lifestyle, you may still have areas of unwanted fat around your body. SculpSure® is a body contouring treatment that can target features such as:

  • The belly, hips, and love handles.
  • Inner and outer thighs.
  • Fat around the bra strap.
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SculpSure uses focused light energy to target fat cells below the skin’s surface. The device consists of several applicators connected to a special belt, which you wear during treatment around the area that you want to slim down. In the weeks that follow your appointment, you can expect your body to eliminate the affected fat cells, leaving behind firmer, tighter features.

Treatment with SculpSure is non-surgical, comfortable, and effective. At Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery, the patients in our care consistently achieve noticeably slimmer results as long as they maintain healthy behaviors like diet and exercise.

CCFPS treats patients from throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia with well-established aesthetic techniques and advanced medical technologies. The practice is led by Dr. Jennifer Porter board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in a range of cosmetic treatments. Both Dr. Porter oversees the SculpSure procedures conducted by the practice’s licensed nurses. Working together, we are committed to each patient’s comfort and safety.

The Benefits of SculpSure®

SculpSure® offers a variety of advantages to patients who want to eliminate trouble-spots around their body.

Focused. During the treatment, SculpSure® delivers light energy directly to the fat cells without affecting the outer tissue.

Comfortable. Most of our Washington, DC-area patients describe the sensation of treatment as a warm or tingling feeling. A special design feature in the applicators keeps your outer skin cool throughout the process.

Fast. Treatment takes a little less than a half-hour, and there is no downtime following treatment. You can return to your normal activities immediately afterwards.

Effective. While there are other body contouring technologies on the market, SculpSure’s use of heat to destroy fat cells also contracts the skin and stimulates collagen development. This gives the area a slimmer and firmer appearance.

CCFPS and Your Care

Our practice provides a range of solutions to give patients natural-looking aesthetic improvement. We prioritize safe, comfortable care that fits the lifestyle of each patient. With SculpSure®, we are able to achieve both goals: a great cosmetic outcome and an excellent experience.

The treatment we provide recognizes that our Washington, DC-area patients live busy lives. They want to address their aesthetic concerns and then get back to their routine as soon as they can. We see many patients during the work day, and we can also accommodate patients outside of the normal appointment times. Convenience and expediency are part of the reason that women and men return to CCFPS for cosmetic treatment year after year.

Another reason is that our doctors take the time to understand each patient’s needs, to explain their options thoroughly, and to ensure that they are getting the right care. Because we have training in a variety of techniques and treatments, we are not limited in our recommendations. As an example, SculpSure® is effective in the treatment of external fat but should not be used with interabdominal fat. During your initial consultation, your doctor will conduct a thorough examination to evaluate whether SculpSure® is the best approach to eliminating unwanted fat.

Treatment with SculpSure®

During your initial appointment, you will meet with either Dr. Porter and our nurse, and we will discuss your goals and identify the areas that you would like to slim down. The amount of fat reduction, the number and size of the targeted trouble-spots, and other factors will determine the locations and duration of your SculpSure® treatment.

Typically, we have our Washington, DC-area patients schedule an appointment separate from the consultation so that they can get the most from their session:

  • Treating each area with SculpSure® should only take 25 minutes. Figure about one hour to treat two areas.
  • Most patients describe the sensation as painless — more of a warming, cramping, or tingling feeling.
  • The areas we target with SculpSure® will feel a little sore afterwards. Our patients say it’s similar to the feeling they get from a hard workout, and it can last from two days to a few weeks.
  • Our doctors recommend that patients massage the treated areas and drink plenty of water after their appointment.

To get the best results, we schedule our Washington, DC patients to have two SculpSure® sessions spaced one month apart. This separation lets us evaluate where the follow-up treatment should target. By 12 weeks after your second and final treatment, you should see significantly slimmer and firmer features.

What Patients Want to Know About SculpSure®

  • Is SculpSure® right for me?

    SculpSure® is a body contouring procedure rather than a weight-loss treatment. To achieve your aesthetic goals, you will still need to exercise and eat a healthy diet afterward. With that in mind, SculpSure® can be an ideal solution for patients who have areas of fat that they want to slim down and that haven’t been responsive to other approaches.

  • Will SculpSure® work for me?

    SculpSure® is an effective treatment option for people who have fat above the muscle. The Washington, DC-area patients who choose our practice for the procedure typically see a 25% reduction of fat after the first treatment. The second treatment usually eliminates about 15% of fat for a 40% total improvement. Most of the patients who have the procedure are very happy with the results they get.

  • Can I just treat a single, targeted area?

    CCFPS doesn’t recommend SculpSure® for spot treatment. By treating the entire area, patients see more even and noticeable improvement in their trouble-spots.

  • How long will my recovery be after treatment?

    You shouldn’t have any downtime after SculpSure®. You can return to work and to a normal daily schedule following the procedure. Some patients will feel tender for a few days and up to a few weeks post-treatment, but there is no medical restriction on exercising or other physical activities.

  • How Many Treatments of SculpSure Do I Need to Get My Desired Results?

    Every patient is different, so there’s not one recommended plan of treatment when it comes to SculpSure®. Before determining how many treatments of SculpSure a patient will need, Dr. Porter will perform a full examination at the initial consultation. She will record the patient’s body mass index, talk with them about the areas they’d like to get treated, and take a look at their medical history to ensure they’re healthy enough for the SculpSure procedure. After this, she’ll provide a recommended series of treatments.

    For most patients, having two SculpSure sessions spaced one month apart is ideal. This gives the body time to break down treated fat cells and remove them from the body. Having treatments spaced closer together might not provide enough time to allow for sore or tender areas to fully resolve.

    At the next appointment, Dr. Porter can take a look at the treated areas and how to best position the applicators for the second treatment. For extreme cases in which patients still have a lot of fat remaining after the second treatment, a third treatment may be recommended.

    After the final treatment at Dr. Porter’s Washington, DC, office, patients will continue to see their fat melting away over time. After 12 weeks, the final results should be visible, and patients can finally enjoy their new firmer and slimmer features. SculpSure results are permanent and long-lasting as long as the patient takes care of themselves with a healthy diet and exercise.

  • How Many Troubled Spots Can I Treat at Once?

    Because SculpSure is a non-invasive, painless procedure, patients can treat as many troubled spots as they’d like during the procedure. In particular, SculpSure is most effective in the following parts of the body:

    • Fat in the posterior flanks and bra fat
    • Fat in the outer and inner thighs
    • Fat in the belly, including the love handles and hips
    • Fat of the thigs and banana roll

    Overall, SculpSure can be used to tackle nearly any pocket of external fat that a Washington, DC, patient is unhappy with. However, it is not currently recommended to treat intrabdominal fat.

    The more spots a patient is having treated with SculpSure, the longer their procedure will take. For just one area, the treatment time is about 25 minutes. If the patient is having two areas done, it will take about an hour.

    One thing to keep in mind is that SculpSure isn’t really intended to treat one specific spot on the body. For example, if patients just have a bit of sag in one part of their belly, Dr. Porter will still recommend treating the entire belly to ensure smooth, even results.

    Having more than one spot treated at a time also doesn’t result in any extended downtime. The only change will be that Washington, DC, patients may find they have more soreness throughout their body than they would if they just treated one area. However, this soreness isn’t extreme and can be likened to the pain experienced after a tough day at the gym.

Slim down areas of unwanted body fat without surgery. To learn more about SculpSure®, schedule an appointment with CCFPS online or by calling us our Washington, DC-area office at (301) 200-4153.