BOTOX® is a popular and proven approach to reducing wrinkles in motion, which may appear when you make certain facial expressions. At Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery, we use Botox® to address signs of aging in the brow and eye areas as well as other trouble-spots like:

  • Bunny lines around the nose.
  • Perioral wrinkles (smoker’s lines) at the corners of the mouth.
  • Square jawlines due to prominent muscles.

Our Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia patients receive their care from a board-certified expert in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter manages consultations and performs Botox® treatments for all of our patients to promote predictable and effective results.

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The Benefits of Botox®

Facial lines may appear in areas like your forehead, between your brows, and at the corners of your eyes when you smile, frown, or make other expressions. These lines can become more prominent with increased sun exposure and natural aging. Eventually, they may remain on your face regardless of your expression. This can cause you to look older than you actually are or more tired than you actually feel.

Treatment with Botox® offers Washington, DC-area patients a variety of benefits:

  • Get a more youthful and rested appearance after a single appointment. Alternatives such as chemical peels and HydraFacial MD may require multiple applications without offering the same level of rejuvenation.
  • Receive comfortable and non-invasive care. Our practice makes the process simple and straightforward, and Dr. Porter brings a high degree of skill to the procedure that makes the experience very manageable.
  • See improvement with no downtime. Botox® lets you return to your normal activities immediately after your visit.

Dysport as an Alternative to Botox®

Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery also offers patients Dysport®, a product that acts in a similar manner to Botox®.  In Dr. Porter’s experience, Dysport™can provide a few advantages over Botox®:

  • It tends to have a quicker onset of action.
  • Patients with extensive lines in the areas of the crow’s feet can expect excellent results.
  • Dysport™ doesn’t flatten the muscle as much as Botox® and keeps the skin from taking on a shiny appearance.

As part of your initial consultation, Dr. Porter will analyze your face and recommend which neurotoxin will be best for you. She frequently she uses a combination of Botox® and Dysport™so that she can target wrinkles as effectively as possible.

CCFPS and Your Care

As with other facial cosmetic procedures that we offer Washington, DC-area patients, our goal with Botox® is to provide a more youthful appearance while preserving a natural aesthetic. Typically, Dr. Porter uses a conservative application of Botox® to a broader area, reducing signs of aging and allowing patients to retain natural expression.

We want your results to be everything you hoped they would be, and so we generally ask patients to come back two weeks after treatment so that Dr. Porter can evaluate the results. Seeing the degree of improvement will let her know how to optimize treatment in future sessions should you continue to receive Botox®.

Download Our Tox2GO App

Planning Botox® appointments with our office is easy. Outside of her work in private practice, Dr. Porter is also the creator of Tox2GO, a mobile app that simplifies treatment by letting you schedule your visit and communicate the target areas prior to your arrival. You’ll also be eligible to receive discounts on future Botox® injections. Download Tox2GO in the App store.

Treatment with Botox®

During your consultation, you and Dr. Porter will talk about your areas of concern and the type of results you want to see. These discussions are great for getting to know your individual preferences; patients often realize that they have a specific idea of the amount of movement they want in their features, in the degree of an eyebrow’s arch, and so on.

Most of our Washington, DC-area patients describe the experience of getting Botox® as quick and easy:

  • As an expert in facial aesthetic procedures, Dr. Porter a lot of care in the placement of her injections. This leads to more predictable outcomes.
  • The process takes about five minutes.
  • You can return to normal activities afterward.

Our Washington, DC-area patients usually have treatment with Botox® every three months in their first year. This tends to increase the overall window of effectiveness, and by the second year, most people get the same benefit with treatments every four to five months. As a result, you should see significantly smoother features and a reduction in dynamic lines and wrinkles.

Botox® Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Botox the Right Option for Me?

    Botox is a safe, fast, and effective solution for someone who would like wrinkles to be smoothed out, drastically reducing the signs of aging, without going under a knife. The treatment takes just 5 minutes, and patients suffer little to no downtime, making it a great option for busy professionals who want to spruce up their appearance without sacrificing their work or personal lives. That being said, not everyone qualifies for this procedure. There are a few stipulations patients must meet, including:

    • Being at least 18 years old (though this usually isn’t a problem, as most patients seeking Botox treatment are older and wish to eliminate signs of aging)
    • Having dynamic wrinkles, which are wrinkles that show when a person makes an expression (Botox can’t treat static wrinkles, which are wrinkles that show all the time)
    • Being in overall good health to avoid treatment complications (which are rare)

    The best way to know if you qualify as a candidate for Botox is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Porter. She will perform a thorough examination to get a better look at their wrinkles and learn more about their expectations. In some cases, she may recommend an alternative treatment or even a combination of various treatments. Her goal is to ensure each patient leaves her office with the results they desire, and she will put together a plan of care that reflects this. Frequently, she may recommend a combination treatment of Botox and Dysport.  Her recommendations will depend on your anatomy and desired outcome.

  • What Problems Can Botox Correct?

    Botox can correct dynamic wrinkles. It will take several treatments to fix static wrinkles, so knowing the difference between dynamic and static wrinkles is the biggest key to understanding what Botox can treat. Typically, dynamic wrinkles form around the eyes, brow, and mouth due to tension in the muscles that help a person smile, frown, grimace, or laugh. Over time, this muscle tension causes the surface level of the skin to develop creases that add lines to a person’s smooth complexion.

    In particular, Botox is an excellent treatment for patients suffering from the following types of dynamic wrinkles on their face:

    • Frown lines, which are vertical lines that show between the eyes, often creating a harsh appearance
    • Laugh lines, which are small wrinkles that form at the corner of the mouth
    • Crow’s feet, which are small wrinkles that form at the corner of the eyes
    • Bunny lines, which are horizontal wrinkles that form on the nose between the eyebrows
    • Perioral wrinkles/smoker’s lines, which form at the corners of the mouth
    • Square jawline, which can be caused by prominent or bulging muscles

    Overall, patients who receive a Botox treatment will enjoy a more rested and youthful appearance in just one visit. Rather than return for multiple procedures or deal with a long recovery time, Washington, DC, patients who choose Botox will see results within two weeks without needing to hide away for days as they heal from a surgical procedure.

Botox® can improve a variety of aesthetic issues and signs of aging. Schedule a consultation by contacting CCFPS online or by phone in the Washington, DC area at (301) 200-4153.