Laser hair removal is a popular procedure that can remove unwelcome hair from virtually any place on the body. After undergoing laser hair removal treatment the burden of unwanted hair can be significantly reduced. For  many Washington D.C. gentlemen, that pesky ingrown beard and the discoloration that goes with shaving can finally no longer be a concern.

Laser hair removal works best for individuals who have darker hair and a greater contrast between hair color and skin pigment. While a laser hair removal procedure should always be undertaken by a trained professional, it is especially important for patients with dark skin to seek out a physician with prior experience administering the treatment to patients with darker skin tones.

Because the laser employed in the procedure removes hair by targeting the melanin pigment present in the hair follicles, special modifications will need to be made to laser intensity to prevent the skin from absorbing too much laser energy. Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter has successfully treated patients with many different ethnic backgrounds and skin types. She is able to perform procedures with a minimal amount of skin discoloration because she possesses the proper knowledge of how Washington D. C. patients with different hair and skin pigmentation levels respond to laser hair removal. Patients should contact Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter to discuss what hair reduction results they can expect after undergoing a laser hair removal procedure, and how many sessions will be recommended to achieve the desired outcome.

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