Chemical peels are a wonderful way to address a variety of conditions in one treatment. Chemical peels improve skin texture and tone. The overall health of the skin is improved with each peel, ridding of the dead skin on the surface which makes the skin smoother and improves the appearance of makeup when it is worn. Chemical peels also help improve acneic skin, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and reduce pores. The type of peel you receive for your treatments can be the same every time or can be varied with each visit. When you arrive for your visit let us know your concerns and we will make suggestion as to the best peel program for you as well as the skin care products you would use in between peels. Typically, peels are performed on a monthly basis but can be increased to weekly intervals in patients with excessive acne. We have given a brief description of a few of the peels that we have to offer. The menu changes frequently as we are in search of the best.

PCA Peels

Ultra Peel® Forte
Those with resilient skin who have more dramatic wrinkling, sun damage and acne scarring are the most suitable candidates for this deeper and more active treatment. Ultra Peel® Forte is a 20% TCA peel that will effectively treat aging skin, acne, pigment disorders, smoker’s skin and photo damaged skin. This treatment is ideal for dehydrated and aging skin in need of rejuvenation and is performed by Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter.

Ultra Peel® I Exfoliating Treatment
Specially formulated to treat dehydrated, maturing skin, Ultra Peel® I is also appropriate for many skin types, conditions and sensitivities. It will help treat smoker’s skin, pigment disorders, sun damaged skin and acne. Moderate to aggressive exfoliation will be experienced, depending on the number of layers applied. Overall, the final result will be plump, hydrated and ultra-soft skin.

Sensi Peel®
This gentle solution is formulated primarily for ethnic skin, and other extremely sensitive skin types. Sensi Peel® will help Washington, D.C. patients strengthen and brighten their skin while helping to treat sun damage and other forms of hyper pigmentation (skin discoloration). This multi-faceted treatment also provides anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and antibacterial action, making it an excellent choice for helping calm rosacea, as redness and inflammation can subside substantially after treatment.

PCA peels
These peels help soften the appearance of surface lines around the eyes and nasolabial folds, help improve acne, smooth skin texture and even skin tone, especially in oily skin. Safe for all skin types, available with or without hydroquinone.

SkinMedica Peels

The SkinMedica® Peels are available at Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery. Our office, located near Washington, D.C. offers the latest in chemical peels. The SkinMedica® Peels consist of the Vitalize®peel.. The peels have varying levels of exfoliation and can be done safely and effectively in our office. Our nurse will advise you as to which is the best based on your skin type and desired outcome.

Vitalize Peel®
The most popular peel amongst our Washington, D.C. patients. Suitable for all skin types and yields predictable results. Best when there is some correction that needs to take place – eg fine lines, pigment issues, acne, acne scarring. Peeling typically begins two days after the procedure and lasts 2 to 3 days. These peels are typically performed once per month until the desired correction is achieved.

Glytone Peels

Glycolic Acid Peel
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles by increasing skin hydration and improving overall texture and tone.

Salicylic Acid Peel
Helps improve the appearance of oily, acne-prone skin by improving complexion brightness and addressing acne. This peel can also be combined with Aerolase neo laser treatment for added effectiveness.

Jessner’s Peel
Addresses premature signs of aging and superficial hyperpigmentation of the skin with a brightening effect, improving overall skin radiance and skin tone. Also helps to improve acne.

Mandelic Acid Peel
Perfect for anyone who has never had a treatment done or wants very minimal downtime. Addresses skin prone to redness (intermittent to permanent) and helps to reduce the appearance of redness. This peel provides an instant glow by improving skin color, texture, and refining pore size. It’s also a good option to add to your Aerolase Neo treatment to combat redness seen in rosacea.

To schedule a consultation and find out if chemical peels are right for you, contact our office in the Washington, D.C. area at (301) 200-4153.