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Brighten Your Skin with a Sensi Peel

Do you feel like your skin looks dull? Are you dealing with rough patches of skin? Do you have an uneven skin tone? If so, the Sensi Peel® could help you. We invite you to learn how you can rejuvenate and brighten your skin with this amazing peel treatment. Chemical peels are designed to exfoliate your skin and help to get rid of rough patches,......
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Benefits of Getting a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are minimally-invasive and highly effective skin revitalizing treatments. While the name of this procedure might sound intimidating, nothing is actually peeled off during treatment. Instead, our provider will apply a nutrient-rich, acid-based solution that gently dissolves the topmost layers of the skin. This creates a very small amount of controlled damage, which in turn fosters a more rapid regeneration of new and healthy......
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Chemical Peel Options: What Best Suits You?

Age old ideas of chemical peels were used hundreds of years ago and fortunately with the advances of technology, an array of new generation chemical peels are now made convenient to anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their skin.  Here at Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery you are provided with an option of chemical peels that can be done comfortably at our cosmetic......
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