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Individuals in Bethesda, MD, and Washington, D.C., often turn to board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter for her expertise in facelift cosmetic surgery. If you are frustrated with visible signs of aging throughout your face, facelift surgery can help combat them for a rejuvenated, younger-looking appearance.

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See how facelift surgery can get you the age-defying look you desire. Learn more about facelift with renowned surgeon Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter in Washington D.C.

What Facelift Surgery Corrects

faceliftAs we age, our bodies gradually cease production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that are integral in maintaining healthy, elastic skin. When this happens, the skin loses its elastic quality and starts to sag. Also with the natural aging process, muscle tone is lost and fat becomes displaced. These developments lead to visible signs of aging, including wrinkles, folds and furrows, loose skin that hangs off the jaw and / or neck line, and hollow-looking pockets throughout the face.

In addition, environmental factors such as pollution and certain lifestyle habits such as smoking can accelerate the natural aging process and cause premature signs of aging to develop throughout the face. Fortunately, facelift surgery can correct these signs of aging, no matter what the cause.

To get an idea of the rejuvenating effects of facelift surgery, please see one of our patient’s before-and-after photos in the photo gallery.

facelift chevy chase facial plastic surgery Washington DCfacelift chevy chase facial plastic surgery Washington DC

What the Facelift Procedure Entails

Facelift surgery is performed under twilight or general anesthesia, on an outpatient basis.

The overall facelift approach, including the chosen incision pattern, varies by patient, based on each individual’s aesthetic concerns and unique anatomical needs. During consultation, Dr. Porter evaluates your facial structure and listens to your surgical goals. She takes this information into consideration when recommending the approach to facelift surgery that will best satisfy your needs. Dr. Porter may also suggest additional procedures such as brow lift or eyelid surgery in Washington D.C. to optimize your aesthetic results.

Traditional facelift surgery involves making an incision that begins at the temple and continues downward around the ear, ending either in back of the ear or in the scalp region. She makes incisions on both sides of the face. Once the incision has been made, Dr. Porter gently raises a skin flap, so she can repair the underlying musculature and tissues as well as re-distribute the skin. She re-drapes the remaining skin and excises any loose, sagging skin. Dr. Porter then closes the incisions, using the technique that most effectively conceals them.

Recovering From Facelift Surgery

Following facelift surgery, you will most likely require one to two weeks off from work or your usual schedule to recover. Many of the symptoms associated with facelift surgery will subside within a week, but it normally takes about two weeks for noticeable signs of surgery to become less visible.

You should keep your head elevated at all times — even while resting— for the first few days after the procedure. You might experience mild discomfort throughout the treatment area, but you can take oral pain medication as directed by Dr. Porter to relieve any discomfort. The treatment area may also be bruised or swollen, but, again, these symptoms should improve within about a week.

Depending on your lifestyle habits, including your degree of sun exposure and whether you smoke, the aesthetic benefits of facelift surgery should last approximately five to 10 years.

facelift-2Turn Back the Hands of Time

Do you look in the mirror and wish you could turn back the hands of time? With facelift surgery, you can! To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Porter to learn more about facelift surgery, contact Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery by calling (301) 652-8191.